Prop Open Your Ride’s Hood/Trunk With the Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood-Trunk Prop

seibon carbon fiber hood-trunk propAs a WRX/STi owner, you already know that it’s strongly recommended you replace OEM parts for aftermarket ones for significant increases in overall performance. Even those who don’t own a WRX/STi know that they get what they pay for, from a consumer’s standpoint.

That’s why one should generally replace the hood/trunk prop. It may eventually bend. But, with the Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood-Trunk Prop, your ride’s hood or trunk will be opened and propped up with ease and stability. A good hood or trunk is one that’s opened securely.

The Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood-Trunk Prop will allow for you to inspect said areas for longer durations. Another great thing about this product is there’s no installation required!

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