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STi Mishimoto X-Line Aluminum Radiator Fuel Injectors Rear Sway Bar 08-09 WRX/STI WRX STi Silicone Hose Kit
STi Mishimoto X-Line Aluminum Radiator

STi Mishimoto X-Line Aluminum Radiator

Mishimoto X-Line Aluminum Radiator 2008-2014 WRX / 2008-2016 STI The Mishimoto X Line performance aluminum radiator for the 08+ Subaru WRX and STI has 3 row core to maximize cooling efficiency, boost engine functions, and most importantly protect your car from overheating. It is the perfect upgrade to the stock Subaru radiator whether you drive […]

Fuel Injectors

Fuel Injectors

Fuel injector o-ring kits are now available for Subaru top feed and side feed injectors as a standard shelf part. These o-ring kits fit all oem and oem replacement injectors such as Deatschwerks or Power Enterprise. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THESE FUEL INJECTORS FOR YOUR STi click here.

Rear Sway Bar 08-09 WRX/STI

Rear Sway Bar 08-09 WRX/STI

Aiming to eliminate the body roll and understeer which the standard WRX/STI is cursed using? Look no further than the race inspired design of the new COBB Tuning Sway Bars. The primary goal when upgrading your sway bars would be to “balance” the suspension of your motor vehicle by increasing the spring fee, or the […]

WRX STi Silicone Hose Kit

WRX STi Silicone Hose Kit

The Mishimoto silicone hose kit is made for the Subaru WRX and STI and is a dual layer combining high grade silicone and heat-resistant embedded fibers which provides heat reduction and increased pressure tolerance, all with an OEM replacement fit! This is perfect for your GD chassis Subaru WRX or STI.  Read more about this […]

Seibon CW Style Carbon Fiber Hood

If you’ve got a front-mounted intercooler and don’t need a standard hood scoop, this hood is for you. It’s got two side vents to evacuate underhood heat, plus a central “reverse scoop” in place of the standard snow-shovel WRX hood scoop. These gorgeous hoods are hand crafted with top-quality carbon product. Featuring true-rolled edges constructed with one-piece carbon sheet for a seemless product, topped with UV protective coating. Also features a one-piece backing for strength and support. These hoods offer great cooling and stunning looks. Each hood uses the factory hinges and latch, but we highly recommend hood pins for installation for added safety on ANY aftermarket hood. (This item cannot be shipped by air.) Goes great with our Mach V carbon fiber hood struts.

For more on this Seibon CW Style Carbon Fiber Hood click here.

Mod Type: STi Body Parts

HT Autos Fender Flares for WRX/STI

These fender flares take the already wide VA-chassis WRX and STI to another level entirely. They help expand the car’s width by 54mm on either side, resulting in a road presence that has to be seen to believed. It comes with Polyurethane construction which is tough and durable. They can be painted or left in their natural black state, although we suggest applying some kind of paint treatment to keep them from bleaching.

Installation is straightforward and hardware is included, but note that in order to fit very wide wheels and tires, you WILL have to trim away the edges of the factory bodywork. Yes, this means cutting metal. (We never said ultimate coolness was without its price.) You’ll also have to unbolt the flares from the front and rear bumpers in order to remove the bumper, should you ever need to do that.

click here for more information

Mod Type: STi Body Parts

HT Autos Front Lip Spoiler for WRX/STI

This functional front lip aids in guiding airflow across and around the nose of your WRX or STI. Attaches using OEM body fasteners, plus additional hardware (included) for a totally secure fit. Black polyurethane.

Fits all 2015+ WRX and STI.


Mod Type: STi Body Parts

HT Autos Side Skirt Extensions for WRX/ STi Hatch

These HT Autos Side Skirt Extensions improve aerodynamics and reduce drag with these side skirt extensions. Easy bolt-on installation; clips are included.

Set of two skirt extensions, left and right.

Fits all 2008-2014 STI hatback and 2011-2014 WRX and STI sedan.

Click here for more information

Mod Type: STi Body Parts, STi Exhaust

STi WRX Hatchback Axle Back Exhaust

This PERRIN hatchback exhaust features 4, 3.5″ slash cut exhaust tips adds an aggressive look to this impressive system.
Made entirely of 304 stainless steel, inside and out. Also provides high corrosion resistance, and is excellent for extreme heat up to 1800 degrees.

For more information on these Axle Back Exhaust for your STi WRX hatchback click here.

Mod Type: STi Exhaust

Racecomp Engineering Black Regular Guy Springs

A performance spring designed with function over form is available for the latest Subaru Impreza STI. Incorporating the knowledge gained from designing a growing list of suspension and brake performance parts for the true track day and autocross enthusiast, Racecomp Engineering is proud to announce the latest addition to their line up. The Regular Guy Functional Lowering Springs for the 2008+ Subaru Impreza STI are designed as the ultimate performance spring upgrade for the newly redesigned GR chassis.

For more on these STi Springs click here.

Mod Type: STi Body Parts

Bride Drivers Side Reclining Model Seat Base for STi

The Bride RO Type Seat Base is meant for the reclining line of bride seats. This all in one solution for your seat features the vehicle specific seat base and the built in slider to allow for a simple bolt in installation.

For more information on these Bride Drivers Side Reclining Model Seat bases click here.

Mod Type: STi Interior Mods

Sti Performance Single Exit 3 in 1 Track Pipe

This is Nameless Performance’s track pipe for the 2008-2014 STI and 2011-2014 WRX Hatch Back. The intent behind this is to provide the lightest option available for an axleback. They included a gasket that combines with the stock gasket to adapt this 3″ axleback to the stock midpipe.

For more information on this Performance Single Exit 3 in 1 Track Pipe click here.

Mod Type: STi Downpipe

HiFlow Exhaust Manifold Crosspipe

The stock exhaust manifold crossover. 50% of your exhaust gasses are passing through this tiny tiny pipe and that is not good. Well here comes the solution for this problem.

Welcome the GrimmSpeed Version 2 Subaru Exhaust Manifold HiFlow Crossover. Well they’ve decided to step it up a notch with the first revision of the crossover. Meet HiFlow Crossover v2. Immaculate welds, smooth as butter 2″ stainless steel, thick 12mm stainless flanges. This unit has a flex in the center to allow for easier installation and for thermal expansion during hard driving.

For more information on this HiFlow Exhaust Manifold Crosspipe click here

Mod Type: STi Exhaust

Water Pump Housing for STi

Killer B’s Water Pump Housing is a much more robust design. Designed using state of the art 3-D CAD software to assure maximum flow with minimum turbulence for the best performance possible! – 3D CAD designed – CNC Machined Flange – Made Entirely from 304 Stainless Steel – Smooth Taper Inlet for Turbulence Free Flow – Roll Formed Bead Assures Proper Hose Connection – Hand TIG Welded – Large Smooth Bend Transitions into the Housing with Maximum even Flow – Ground Flange for a Leak Free Install

for more information on this STi Water Pump Housing click here.

Mod Type: STi Exhaust

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